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Famous Quote.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. Advertisements

Life Can Be………

Life is a gift life can be cruel life can be kind life can be hard life can be tough. life is mysterious life is strange life is complex life is weird. life… Continue reading

Angel of Death

In darkness of the night I spied him in a tree Sat I froze by the sight He was looking at me The summer’s heat became a chill The angel of death at… Continue reading

My Freedom.

my Freedom, my Freedom you saved me you tore my chain you detached the knots you released my pain you fixed the dots thanks! thanks! my Freedom, my Freedom you’re my necklace you’re… Continue reading

Dedicated To My Dad

My Dad is a person who is loving and kind, And often he knows what I have in my mind. He’s someone who listens, suggests, and defends. My Dad can be one of your… Continue reading

If I Were……

If I were a key, I would lock you; If lightning, then I would shock you; If I were a pier I would dock you; If I had a band I would rock… Continue reading

At A Month’s End

The night last night was strange and shaken: More strange the change of you and me. Once more, for the old love’s love forsaken, We went out once more toward the sea. For… Continue reading

2012 Poem

Into our imagination  To think of the end of creation  Tried to prove others wrong  But still worried all along  If they were right  If we would simply die  In the night  We… Continue reading

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year to you! May every great new day Bring you sweet surprises– A happiness buffet. Happy New Year to you, And when the new year’s done, May the next year be… Continue reading


Twinkle-less Twinkle-less spot of black. In the starry zodiac. Sucking all the matter of light. Turning sunshine into night. Twinkle-less Twinkle-less lost control. Now we’re trapped in  a black hole.

Jingle Bells Remix

Jingle Bells Batman smells Robin layed an egg  the Batmobile lost a wheel  and Joker got away Alfred’s making coffee Bat girl broke a nail All of Gothoms villians, all got out of jail… Continue reading

Dear Bullies

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Proud to be a Muslim.

I am a Muslim And God I praise For all His blessings My voice I raise In one God I believe No equal has He Lord of the universe Compassionate to me Muhammad… Continue reading


Through the trunked woody perennials On to a striped back burrowing rodent Gently the air currents blow Bushy-tail tree dwelling rodent gathering the nuts Of an oak before the wintering season begins Vivid image of… Continue reading

This Is My Life

Life defines in Metabolism,  In reproduction,  we make our miniature selves,  our look alike In the power of adaptation,  like what is in now,  What is fashionable,  how I blend with all of… Continue reading

Thumbs Up And Thumbs Down

 Life has downs And life has ups When it gets tough Don’t give up! Sometimes you feel Like you’ve walked a mile Just keep on trucking And put on a smile Life has it moments … Continue reading

You’re Never Alone

Why, as the world spins, do I stand? Still as the leaves, when there is no wind, Why does it hurt so much? When everything you believe in, feels right, Why am I… Continue reading