This Is My Life

Life defines in Metabolism, 

In reproduction, 

we make our miniature selves, 

our look alike

In the power of adaptation, 

like what is in now, 

What is fashionable, 

how I blend with all of you

How I mimic you, 

how I become a clown to you, 

Life in being nice

This is my life A short and a merry one

This my life In the middle of my own life

To life, 

a life, 

in the hope of discovering the meaning of my life, 

My speech my poetry

Come to life with me

To the life, 

for the life of one like me, 

Not taking this life in my own hands, 



To life, 

this is life

As big as life

as large as life is large

In resiliency, 

in elasticity

Animations, cartooning, animate, 

I vivify

I vilify

I quicken

I liken

The life force in my life’s functions

Drawn from life

to life drawn

Dream to life a life full of dreams

This liveliness, this sparkle

This effervescence of life, 

this bubbling life like wine

This sprightliness like soft

Drink like energy drinks

This verve, 

this vigor

this vivacity

Of life to life as big as life

My life

This is my life

This me I am life

I am energy

i am in this poem trying to run

away from everything in my life, 

running in life

to life and life, 

because of life, 

for life.