Through the trunked woody perennials

On to a striped back burrowing rodent

Gently the air currents blow

Bushy-tail tree dwelling rodent gathering the nuts

Of an oak before the wintering season begins

Vivid image of flourishing blooms

Brought about by falling transparent liquids

As the feathered songsters croons

Fluttering insects move about with rhythm

Buzzing bees are nourishing on nectar

And accumulating the pollen

Encouraging the blooms to grow

Bucked tooth, webbed-footed chips through

Trunks of alders and poplars

Using for food and its abode

Colorful gilled flippers friskily swim 

Along the embankment

Ripples atop the surface of the babbling brook

Brought by hungry scaly swimmers

Glossy black plumage non-migratory

Perched on a wooden limb

Long-eared burrowing rodent hopping 

Through vegetative earth

Prancing through the dense brush