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Rome ‘Occupy’ protest turns violent

Rome protest against cuts descends into violence Italian journalist Francesco Cirillo at the San Giovanni Piazza said much damage had been caused in central Rome Riot police have fought militant protesters in Rome… Continue reading

Riots – The police Goes In Action!!

London riots: Police will use baton rounds if necessary, warnings by Met Police say any decision to use baton rounds against London rioters will not be taken lightly, as 16,000 officers take to… Continue reading

Man Fights For His Life After Confronting Mobs

A man who was attacked as he tried to put out a fire started by rioters in Ealing, west London, is fighting for his life in hospital. Police said it was believed the victim,… Continue reading

UK Riots will happen again – word from the streets

London riots 9th August 2011 VIDEO


Today, the prime minister Cameron had said the “fightback” is under way. Cities in England suffered a fourth night of violence and looting. The prime minister said that he would take every action… Continue reading


Riot police take down looter

London’s Night Riot; Neglected Throw Bottles @ Police



Running battles between rioters and police broke out in Manchester and has spread throughout London. Up to  2000 youths were involved in the looting and arson attacks in Manchester not long after similar scenes in nearby Sanford .The Miss Selfridge store in Manchester city center was set alight… Continue reading