Shayma Ali killed her daughter as sacrifice

A woman “sacrificed” her daughter to Allah to “exorcise evil spirits”, the Old Bailey has heard. Shayma Ali, 36, who was suffering from psychosis, stabbed the four-year-old up to 40 times and took… Continue reading

Symptoms of Brain Damage

Symptoms of Brain Damage.

The £5,500 car which runs on air.

It is the ultimate green machine – a car which runs entirely on air. The vehicle’s new engine, hailed as ‘one of the biggest technological advances of the century’, uses air compression to… Continue reading

Space Joke

What chocolate bars do you eat in space? Milky Ways and Mars Bars

Justin Bieber Hit By Water Bottle

Justin Bieber Shot


Right Now


Surah Rahman – Beautiful and Heart trembling Quran recitation by Syed Sadaqat Ali


Islamic Songs


Pillars Of Islam

Ibn Umar, may Allah be pleased with him, relates that the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: “Islam is based on five articles:   1. To bear witness that… Continue reading


The literal meaning of Islam is peace; surrender of one’s will i.e. losing oneself for the sake of God and surrendering one’s own pleasure for the pleasure of God. The message of Islam… Continue reading

Mild earthquake shakes southern towns, villages in Saudi Arabia

August 31, 2011 – JEDDAH – An earthquake measuring 4.4 on the Richter scale shook a number of towns and villages in southern Saudi Arabia early Monday morning, the National Center for Earthquakes and Volcanoes of the Saudi… Continue reading

Heavy Rains & Floodings

August 31, 2011 – PAKISTAN – The death toll as a result of rain-triggered flash floods in the northwestern region of Pakistan has risen to at least 60, while three others remain missing, local officials said… Continue reading


Free counters

Riots – The police Goes In Action!!

London riots: Police will use baton rounds if necessary, warnings by Met Police say any decision to use baton rounds against London rioters will not be taken lightly, as 16,000 officers take to… Continue reading

Man Fights For His Life After Confronting Mobs

A man who was attacked as he tried to put out a fire started by rioters in Ealing, west London, is fighting for his life in hospital. Police said it was believed the victim,… Continue reading