Cracking your knuckles does not actually hurt your bones or cause arthritis. The sound you hear is just gas bubbles bursting.

Cracking your knuckles (or any of your joints) can have therapeutic benefits. When you crack one of your joints you are pulling the bones that are connected at the joint apart from each… Continue reading

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

PLOT: After the IMF is shut down (Ghost Protocol for those not in the know) and implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, Ethan Hunt and his team are forced to go rogue.… Continue reading

The new Lamborghini Aventador 2012 unveiled

Meet the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, the first all-new Lambo production car in eight years. Lamborghini‘s new flagship boasts some impressive figures and goes head-to-head with the Ferrari for the title of Geneva car of the show.. And while the Aventador’s styling is… Continue reading


Twinkle-less Twinkle-less spot of black. In the starry zodiac. Sucking all the matter of light. Turning sunshine into night. Twinkle-less Twinkle-less lost control. Now we’re trapped in  a black hole.

Jingle Bells Remix

Jingle Bells Batman smells Robin layed an egg  the Batmobile lost a wheel  and Joker got away Alfred’s making coffee Bat girl broke a nail All of Gothoms villians, all got out of jail… Continue reading

Hey Mr. Taliban!

Time & Money

Time is like money You waste money You waste time If you spend wisely You will achieve something

Dear Bullies

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Don’t Mess With Batman

Proud to be a Muslim.

I am a Muslim And God I praise For all His blessings My voice I raise In one God I believe No equal has He Lord of the universe Compassionate to me Muhammad… Continue reading

Natures Fury

Through the storm nature fly Tossed and battered by winds Drenched by the rain that lashes Nature skin with its furious rage Feet trace a pathway over The granite clouds of rage Delicatly treading… Continue reading

Daughters and Rights Of Female In Islam

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The encouragement to seek children covers both sons and daughters, and along with this general encouragement Islam has given special merits to seeking and bringing up girls…


Through the trunked woody perennials On to a striped back burrowing rodent Gently the air currents blow Bushy-tail tree dwelling rodent gathering the nuts Of an oak before the wintering season begins Vivid image of… Continue reading

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Condrey To start with the basic premise, Strike Packages are tailored to how you want to play. The classic style of unlocking killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2 returns in the new Assault Strike… Continue reading

This Is My Life

Life defines in Metabolism,  In reproduction,  we make our miniature selves,  our look alike In the power of adaptation,  like what is in now,  What is fashionable,  how I blend with all of… Continue reading


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I was listening to this and found quite interesting, as well as AKON singing amazed me so here we go and chill………… Girl you are…

2016 Lamborghini Madura

Slavche Tanevsky, a student at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, has created this futuristic Lamborghini design concept. The  2016 Lamborghini Madura Concept is named after the Madura island in Indonesia, which is famous for bull races. The Madura is… Continue reading

Genty Akylone

  Genty Akylone – A New Supercar With More Than 1000 HP Genty Automobile has introduces a new supercar with more than 1000 HP, called the Genty Akylone. This new supercars promising a whole… Continue reading

2011 Mustang Shelby GT500

The first thing about Ford Mustang Shelby is a car that powerfull. But for 2011 Mustang Shelby GT500 not only powerfull but also lighter with a new aluminum engine. The price for 2011Mustang Shelby GT500 is starting at $48,645. The 2011 Mustang Shelby GT500 is powered by new aluminum… Continue reading