Running battles between rioters and police broke out in Manchester and has spread throughout London. Up to  2000 youths were involved in the looting and arson attacks in Manchester not long after similar scenes in nearby Sanford .The Miss Selfridge store in Manchester city center was set alight as groups looted shops , smashed windows and hurled bins at the police. There was trouble for a second night in the center of Birmingham as looters broke into a jewellery store and a house of Fraser shop. Fires bled in market street, Manchester, White Piccadilly gardens was also blocked as police tried to control the mobs. About 100 youths looted foot asylum in cities main Arndale center after two raiders smashed of glass entrance with a large stone slab. Cheers went up among the crowd as the front window of the bang & Olufsen store off King street was smashed in.

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